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The new Chinese Republic: Lecture 5 th Nov, 08 The Western Intrusion : Qian Long's Letter to George III. Lord Macartney. East India Co. Macao, Canton, Tea, Opium and War. Treaty of Nan king. Missionaries. Internal Collapse: Taipings and Hing Xiuchuan, Nian. Comparison with Japan and Meiji era 1868 on. Tong zhi Restoration 1860s. Cixi: Court life. Boxer Rebellion Nationalism: Sun Yat-sen. Three Principles [People's nationalism, People's Democracy, People's Livelihood] May 4th Movement. Beijing National University. Luxun. Kuo Min Tang and Warlord Peri od Internal problems in the Qing dynasty: Grasso, p. 72 Modernization of China from above was a failure Massive exodus of students to Japan, Japan’s development was a model for many Chinese The rise of Sun Yat-sen (1866-, known as the “father of the Chinese revolution” At the age 12, went to Honolulu and studied in an Anglican missionary school where he learned English, went to Hong Kong, converted to Christianity and became a medical doctor in 1893 in Portuguese island of Macao. Following China's war with France (1883- 1884) he made up his mind to devote to the revolution in China. In 1893 he started his first secret society, the Xing Zhonghui (Revive China Society) The slogan was “ Expel the Manchus, restore Chinese rule, and establish a federal republic”. In 1895 he started the first insurrection in Canton and the revolution of 1911 culminated in the establishment of the Republic. Principles of Revolution:
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The_new_Chinese_Republic - The new Chinese Republic Lecture...

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