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Term paper Requirements

Term paper Requirements - PAPER IN BY THAT DATE I f the...

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/tn/ t / 6b Requirements forthe Tenn Paper Pick a case history from your text and write a paper that is from a minimum of eight pages to a marimum of twelve pages applyng ryojthg._fiyg_molal theories that we have studied in this course. The paper should have the following ; An introductory paragraph ( I will talkmore aboutthis in class). A summary ofthe case history; a suurmary ofthe moral ; an application of the theory to the issue;[email protected] uppt"d tn theory and a short conclusionl -T.ouU ,: . . //t ,. lAe",r, .; The paper shouid have asepa&Ieltie_page and a separate page for a bibliogaphv.( these two pages do NOT count as part of the paper). Should you not be happy with the grade you receive on your paper when you hand it in , you may do a rewrite- The rewrite will be due the last day of class.. TI{ERE WILL BE NO EXTENSIONS OR ANY EXCUSES FORNOT GETTING THE
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Unformatted text preview: PAPER IN BY THAT DATE. I f the paper is not tumed in by then, you will receive the grade given to the original paper. Late paper policy: Each class day that the paper is late, one half grade will be deducted from the gadethat you receive. The grade for the rewrite will begin from there. . 5 rnora-( lrl.rn'og; Brr(J,1, sn t-. / t\A/1f T,lle- PA.- ,r l.t / Ufl lr t'd"flc"rt13-I tfll (' n 4*, A /'//, rai C qa/t.r7 ' E# r, oJ ca'r e-bq / U"l 6oa( \L_ tl In l/t, s Fo/", -T Di /l b. t : r,'/,rr t *lo r/ _yrr2_UorK €/4,Y, f *,,// J-TpThaDucTtOl) ry- *,.1 s/r.no,t /l*+ lhe caS4 a.{e beha-vlct(r',!, rlylii,,a,1r4l, , tt JA 3uuurt,{& f oF 1-/ /E- crtSa-9 uetpthttr o F 146 Mo/441 -[ Heo4'.1 A PPlt ctTt o/v a F r//F l-//co a y PossrB/a 0 BjecTruus Au n ),ty t4 ecly Li^ Chldus r o r1t o Doesn' / "*e- $, ,4'4/,'nu'Je r' c l' \a7''' ho/'...
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Term paper Requirements - PAPER IN BY THAT DATE I f the...

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