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Media Assignment Instructions S10 - MAS10BSection3...

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MAS 10B Section 3 Barrera Covarrubias Media Assignments Instructions The five media assignments in this course are your opportunity to do some exploration and research outside of class, either at the library, on-line or even in your own family archives/memory. Each media assignment is worth 40 points (in total, 20% of your overall grade). Here are the instructions: First, find an artifact that reflects Mexican American history or cultural life. This “artifact” can take any number of forms, including, but not limited to: o A page from an interesting website o An image from the internet or, even better, your own family o Song lyrics o A poem o An object of some sort (i.e., a Texas Ranger badge) o A document (i.e., immigration forms) Next, you will write a 1 – 2 page (double-spaced) reflection that does the following three things: Describes what exactly you found. Remember to attach a print-out (just the first page of a website) or include a picture of your artifact. Provides a narrative of your search. Explain how and where you found it, and whether the search easy or difficult, and why. Be sure to cite the source (even if that means saying, “It is from my family photo album”) and include the web address, when applicable. Web sources submitted
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Media Assignment Instructions S10 - MAS10BSection3...

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