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In groups of 3, you will need to design a cross-cultural research study of job stress. You want to find out what causes people to feel anxious in their work place and how this anxiety affects their level of commitment to their organization and their intentions to remain with their organization. Your sample(s) will come from Israel, China, Zaire, Brazil, Portugal, India, Morocco, Iraq, Canada, and USA. You must decide whom you will study, how you will study these groups, what variables you intend to measure, how you will assess these measures, and what are your goals (to find similarities and/or differences). These questions are not exhaustive. Be sure to take into account the recommendations posed by Triandis in Chapter 3. In other words, outline your full course of studies. You will have 20 minutes to work on this in your groups and then we will discuss your answers as a class. Be sure to have someone take notes and decide on a spokesperson. Try to divide the tasks such that the note-taker is not also the spokesperson for your group. Also, if you tend to be a quiet
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