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Christianity Survey RelinAm - CHRISTIANITY - SURVEY Jesus...

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CHRISTIANITY - SURVEY Jesus is the form of direct revelation in Christianity. The books of the New Testament are a record of that revelation, but the event of Jesus' life is the central form of contact between the divine and human realms in Christianity - there would be no scripture, no religious tradition, no Christianity without Jesus' life, activity, death and resurrection. Paul played a great part in molding Christianity, even though he had not known Jesus when Jesus was alive. Due to the power of Paul's proselytizing and to the historic circumstance of the fall of the temple in Jerusalem, Christianity became a religion dependent not on ethnic identity, but on experiential and intellectual assent to the meaning of the Christ event. Christian Theology attempts to present a consistent, though at times paradoxical, mental picture of the world and of the sacred. Three main areas are the Incarnation , the Trinity , and the Doctrine of Atonement . The Incarnation demands an explication of the nature of Jesus/Christ, which is known as Christology. The most important types included: Arians - Followers of Arius; they believed that Jesus was fully human, and not divine, maintained that there was no Trinity, only a single God, who created Jesus as His instrument for acting decisively in history. Founded by Arius (256-336). Sometimes referred to as a form of 'Unitarianism' (not the same as the current denomination of that name). Docetists - They believed that Jesus was fully divine, and that his human appearance, suffering, and death were only an illusion. Possibly influenced by Gnosticism. Nestorians - This sect developed the idea that Jesus had two entirely separate natures, one
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Christianity Survey RelinAm - CHRISTIANITY - SURVEY Jesus...

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