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Hum 119A syll FINAL - San Jos State University Humanities...

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San José State University Humanities Department Humanities 119A, Antiquity Studies, Seminar section 1, Fall, 2009 Instructor: Cynthia Rostankowski Office Location: Clark Hall 441 Telephone: (408) 924-4508 Email: Office Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:00-4:30, Wednesdays 10:00-12:00, and by appointment Class Days/Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:30 – 2:45 p.m. Classroom: Dudley Moorhead Hall 208 Prerequisites: English 100W, upper division standing California State Government Contact Information Faculty Web Page and MYSJSU Messaging Copies of the course syllabus, many course readings, and major assignment sheets may be found on my faculty web page at accessible through the quick links/faculty web page links on the SJSU home page after the first week of classes. You are also responsible for regularly checking with the new messaging system through MySJSU. This will be used for updates, etc. I encourage you to check your MySJSU site at least once a week. Required Texts/Readings Textbooks Your Humanities 119A Reader is required for this course, and is available exclusively on line at my faculty website: . You will regularly be asked to have reading assignments from this source available to you for class discussion. Please make sure you do so either by printing the relevant material for the day, or having your electronic copy available in class. Also, to this end, students must be able to access the internet, and need a San Jose State library card. Humanities Honors, 2A, Fall, 2009 Page 1 of 7
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The following books will also be required for Hum 119A: Stokstad, Marilyn ART HISTORY, PORTABLE EDITION, BOOK 1, ANCIENT ART 3rd edition. ISBN 9780205773275 Stokstad, Marilyn ART HISTORY, PORTABLE EDITION, BOOK 3, AVIEW OF THE WORLD PART 1, 3rd edition. ISBN 9780205787005 Hamilton, Edith MYTHOLOGY. ISBN 0-446-60725-8 Starr, Chester G. A HISTORY OF THE ANCIENT WORLD. ISBN 0-19-506628-6 Library Liaison The Humanities Librarian is Peggy Cabrera . Please feel free to contact her and make an appointment for advice and assistance as you research your essay. Her email address is . Her office hours are Tuesdays from 12-2pm at the Library Outpost in Suite 126B Clark Hall. Her office phone number is 408-924-2249. She is also available by appointment in the King Library, at 408-808-2034. Classroom Protocol Each person is of intrinsic worth and is thus worthy of respect in all interactions; please keep this awareness at the forefront of your considerations as you enter and exit your lecture and seminar classrooms, and as you comport yourself in those classes (and in all of your other classes as well). Treat guests with respect and courtesy. Respectful behavior includes silence when others are speaking, entering the room quietly and
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Hum 119A syll FINAL - San Jos State University Humanities...

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