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ANTH_187_Greensheet__1_2009_01_26 - DRAFT San Jose State...

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** DRAFT ** ** DRAFT ** 1 ** DRAFT ** San Jose State University ** DRAFT ** Department of Anthropology Instructor ANTH 187 Co-Instructor Dr. William Reckmeyer Global Citizenship Dr. Dennis Jaehne CL 465 Spring 2009 HGH 108 MW 10:00-12:00; 2:30-3:00 M 3:00-5:45 PM 408-924-5373 (SJSU) 408-924-5342 (SJSU) CL 204 [email protected] 408-266-1613 (W) Teaching Assistant [email protected] [email protected] James Lauterbach Course Website www.sjsu.edu/faculty_and_staff/faculty_detail.jsp?id=840 Course Description This is an applied seminar for people who are interested in learning about global affairs and how to help build a more sustainable world. We will examine the increasingly complex nature of our evolving global society, with particular attention to emerging tensions between modern and traditional societies, and the mix of complicated issues that are challenging the future of human progress. We will also examine the adverse consequences that are likely to occur if these challenges are not appropriately resolved, the use of a systems approach for addressing them in more integrated ways, and the paramount need for better collaboration among diverse sets of critical stakeholders around the world. Our focus throughout the course will be on exploring the characteristics of global citizenship, with an emphasis on leadership, communication, and systems thinking as fundamental core competencies. Course Learning Objectives This course is intended to help students develop a coherent framework for exploring the interaction of complex global concerns and working with others to make the world a better place. Our learning objectives reflect these general goals. Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to demonstrate: an understanding of the nature and practice of citizenship in a global context a broader sense of the world as an interconnected whole, including critical global challenges and strategies for improving them an appreciation of the important roles that leadership, communication, and systems thinking play in enhancing the practice of global citizenship a recognition of the ethical and social responsibility dimensions of global citizenship an ability to apply the knowledge and skills learned in this course to work with diverse sets of stakeholders on complex issues that transcend local and national boundaries Our primary goal is to increase participants’ aptitudes for becoming more effective change agents and better global citizens.
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** DRAFT ** ** DRAFT ** 2 Course Learning Activities This is an upper-division exploratory seminar, in which students are expected to help each
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