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Notebook Assignment # 7—due Wednesday, March 24, 2010 Length: approximately one page Please upload to turnitin along with one piece of in-class writing from 10/14 onwards. Since 10/19 is a furlough day, you may freewrite for fifteen minutes on any topic—or just let the thoughts riff and try to write them down—and hand that in as in-class writing. Unearthing Secrets It’s essential, when writing fiction and nonfiction, to know your characters from the inside out. How do we move into the inner life of a character in order to create a person as palpable and alive as we are. One way is to imagine (as we did to some extent in Notebook Assignment #6) what they have hidden in their medicine chest, closet, beneath their bed, all the secret and silent places in their home, office, the woods around their property, locker, handbag, jewelry box, glove compartment, refrigerator, medicine cabinet, etc. Medicine cabinets alone can be mysterious, embarrassing, funny, bizarre, and compelling (given the amount of people who confess to looking into medicine
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