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MSR Lecture Notes - The Hauka

MSR Lecture Notes - The Hauka - MSR Lecture Notes Trost...

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MSR Lecture Notes Spring 2010 Trost, April 15/20 The Hauka I. Introduction: A. Movement strongest 1920s-1950s, in W. Africa (Ghana, Niger) B. “Hauka” is used to refer to the spirits, the religion, or the practitioners - They are the “new gods,” “gods of the city,” “gods of technology” C. The Orisha stopped coming; ancestors stopped coming because of technology; the spirits of the British and French colonizers are associated with the ancestors II. Status of possession among the Hauka A. People invite possession, it gives you strength; possession considered beneficial B. The possessed person takes on the power of the colonizer; when possessed by the spirit of the one who holds the power, you get that power III. Influence of colonial rule A. British rule (Ghana): forced labor, with pay B. French rule (Niger): forced labor, without pay, very brutal C. Hauka possession found as a way to cope with colonization D. In French Niger, little girl possessed by unknown spirit, soon a larger group possessed 1.
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