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Early Industrial Revolution Heroes 1. Frederick Taylor 2. Taylorism 3. Adam Smith 4. Wealth of the nations, invisible hand, division of labor 5. Henry Ford 6. Assembly line 7. Ely Whitney 8. Cotton Gin 9. Slater 10. Textiles 11. English used women and children because they were more docile 1. What is management?? a. 3 Management Heroes i. Alfred P Sloan ii. Modern Corporation iii. Peter Drucker iv. Theory of Management v. W. Edwards Deming
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Unformatted text preview: vi. Total Quality Management 2. The Impact of Pace 3. What is Operations of Management 4. Managers must maintaina crossfucitonla Perspective 5. Must please the customer 6. MUST WEAR MANY HATS 7. Profit = MS1*MS2*MS3 (market size x Market share x Margin on sales) where margin on sales = price – cost 1. Strategy = the dream = where you are going...
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