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Business Model Summary Business Overview Rent-A-Garage is a business that provides auto mechanics and hobbyists with a fully equipped auto garage, allowing them to work on their own cars at a fraction of the price of hiring a regular mechanic. The garage will supply a work space and all the necessary tools mechanics need. In fact, anything you might need while working on your car will be supplied by Rent-A-Garage. The tools will be loaned out with a deposit of around $500, returnable upon showing the shop manager that their workspace and tools are clean and properly put back. The work areas will be available to customers on a per-hour or per day rental basis. The shop will consist of 3 bays, 2 of which will include lifts that customers can use. Cost for lifts using lifts will be more expensive than costs for not using the lift. The shop will also offer a storage option for those who need to store their car overnight or weekly. The cost will be minimal to encourage using our storage, but with enough cars stored will be substantial enough to make a difference in revenue. Market Research For this business, we did market research by looking for information on internet blogs and websites. We also researched other business that are already doing what we plan to do and talked to them. From the websites and blogs we found out that many people are open to the idea and would be willing to pay a premium for access to a lift. These individuals tended to be from smaller cities. From talking to other businesses that are already operating we were able to find out a few of their problems as well as their successes. These business owners shared with us that the largest problem they had was keeping their shop busy which drove us to start out with a very modest sized shop of 3 bays. They also shared with us the times of year that they are busiest in, which tended to be the summer and fall. They also shared with us the average age of their customers which tended to be older men between the ages of 25-
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ComputerSystemnotes - Business Model Summary Business...

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