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Case Study_Facing Face - Case Study Facing Face This case...

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Case Study F acing F ace This case takes place in the recent past in Chikorpan, an East Asian nation with a culture deeply influenced by the Confucian tradition. EUEMP’s business has been booming in Chikorpan, outpacing the corporation’s ability to find and train qualified Chikorpanese EUEMPeans to handle the rapidly growing management workload. Consequently, it has been necessary to assign a large number of transpatriate EUEMPeans to Chikorpan. These transpatriates are enormously expensive, and partly for this reason corporate leadership is sponsoring numerous “localizing” initiatives to recruit, train, and upgrade high-potential Chikorpanese EUEMPeans, and to induct them as quickly as possible into the corporate culture. Among these initiatives are several by EUEMP University (EU). For example, EU has sent Frank Blunt to Chikorpan to offer training to the Human Resources (HR) staff. Frank’s assignment was to serve as moderator and primary resource person for a two-week seminar in Fusan. Frank is from the American Midwest. In his 35 years with EUEMP he has built an enviable reputation as an HR specialist, both in the United Stated and also, for briefer periods, in Europe. A keystone of Frank’s working philosophy of HR is honesty and openness in performance evaluation. For some years he has passionately advocated putting an end to the practice in which
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  • Glazer,Sharon
  • The Culture, Terminate and Stay Resident, Frank¬†Blunt, Ingrid Marklund, substandard Chikorpanese employee

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Case Study_Facing Face - Case Study Facing Face This case...

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