Assignment 1 Work Plan Directions

Assignment 1 Work Plan Directions - getting the data)...

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ScWk 298 Directions for Assignment 1: Work Plan The Work Plan should include a list of every task that needs to be completed in order to finish your 298 project and a specific date that you anticipate each task to be completed. These tasks may include: Obtaining IRB approval (if your project has not yet been approved) Collecting all data (be specific—which data and what are the steps involved in
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Unformatted text preview: getting the data) Entering data into SPSS (if applicable) Transcribing audio tapes (if applicable) Analyzing data Meeting with your instructor Writing drafts of sections of the final 298 paper A typical Work Plan is often organized in this way: Task to be Completed Date Completed by This assignment is worth 10% of your grade and is due on Feb. 10 by 5pm...
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