ChAD 170 Spring 2010 syllabus 900 JJJ

ChAD 170 Spring 2010 syllabus 900 JJJ - ChAD 170 Contextual...

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ChAD 170 – Contextual Influences on Cognitive Development SJSU – Spring 2010 – Section 1 – 27136 Instructor: Dr. John Jabagchourian Class Meetings: Monday, Wednesday Email: Meeting Time: 9:00 am – 10:15 am Office: SH 320; (408) 924-3936 Room: SH 231 Office Hours: Mon 2pm – 3pm, Tue 11am – 1pm, and by appt. Course Web: Course Description: This course is an empirical and theoretical examination of children’s thinking and the process of change in mental abilities. The course covers major topics and issues in cognitive development and the acquisition of communication skills. Emphasis for this course will be on understanding the influence of family, school and cultural environment on these developmental changes. Prerequisite: PSYC 1 and CHAD 60 (or equivalent). 3 units. Course Learning Objectives: Students completing the course should be able to: 1. discuss the process of cognitive development 2. understand how cognitive development is influenced by membership in culturally diverse families, schools, and communities. 3. apply this knowledge to parenting, teaching and child service careers. 4. critically analyze claims that pertain to children’s intellectual abilities. Required Textbook: Siegler, R. S., & Alibali, M.W. (2005). Children’s Thinking (4th ed.). Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall. Additional readings will be provided by the instructor through Blackboard: Course Expectations: Attendance: The best way to learn and do well in this course is to attend all class meetings. If you know you will be missing a class meeting for a legitimate reason, please EMAIL me ahead of time so we can make arrangements for you to catch up on what you missed. If you miss a class due to illness, please email me as soon as possible. Participation: You are expected to participate in class each day. Do not hesitate to give your ideas, experiences, questions, etc. Your thoughts and input will enhance the course experience for everyone. You will also be asked to take up responsibilities for maintaining our class environment and community. Readings: Please complete all readings prior to class meetings. Daily classroom activities and your participation will require that you have read the assigned materials. I will work to make readings manageable for you with the expectation that you will do them. Attention: Understanding the concepts of this course requires continuous stream of concentration. To best serve your learning and that of your classmates, please take care of restroom needs prior to the class period, refrain from any text messaging or phone conversations during class, and use the internet only for class purposes (no instant messaging or browsing social networking sites among other non-assignment related sites). Furlough Notice:
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ChAD 170 Spring 2010 syllabus 900 JJJ - ChAD 170 Contextual...

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