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midterm study guide (40)

midterm study guide (40) - (S10 1...

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COMM 40 Midterm Study Guide (S10) 1 What is flowing and how do you do it? What is a cross‐examination? What are its goals? Are there any rules? In formal (traditional) logic, what is the basic unit of reasoning? Can you identify an example? What are some flaws with this type of logic? What are the 6 elements of Toulmin’s Model? Which ones are minimally required for something to be considered an argument? What are fallacies? Can you identify the four types discussed in class? Can you identify or explain flaws of logic if given a statement? For example, if you are given the following statement “ If the pope shielded pedophiles from criminal prosecution he should be arrested and put in jail. He is not above the law, ” can you explain what’s wrong? What’s the purpose of a debate brief? What is your style of presentation? What do you like about it? What do you dislike? Can you identify the importance of language in argumentation?
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