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Checklist for an APA-style Literature Review Paper (refer to the 5 th edition of the APA Publication Manual for reference) _____ Title Page: 5% Title: Capitals, informative, concise Author, institution, and date Page header and page numbers (on every page) No Abstracts please _____ Introduction: 15% Title of paper on first page of text (this is a deviation from APA guide) Exposition of research topic (What will you be examining and why?) Theoretical reasoning leading to question or topic you are attempting to answer (Why is this topic important to study and what theory(ies) support the need to examine your topic) _____ Literature Review: 45% Review and synthesis (integration) of relevant research (do not submit annotated bibliographies) Summary of relevant arguments (what did others study, why, what did they find, what were the implications of their findings; make sure to tie this with the topic you are addressing) Coherence (not long winded), clarity (express ideas clearly, defining major concepts), and
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