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Project 2 Due: Tuesday, January 19, 2010 Quantitative Research Methods Dr. Lee The purpose of this project is to help you produce the methods, results and discussion sections of your course paper. The methods section tells you’re the ways you will test your hypotheses. You must tell how your sample was chosen, how your data were collected, what was measured and how, and what statistical procedures you will use. Essentially this means describing things about the GSS, your particular questions, and the statistics you will use to test your hypotheses. The results section of a quantitative research paper consists of a report on what the researcher has learned from the data analysis or statistics testing the hypotheses. The conclusions and discussion section brings the results back into the context established by the literature review. Methods For this assignment, you should describe the 2004 GSS’s data collection methods in a way that is appropriate for a journal article’s methods section. Your project should include: Sample and Delivery 1. Descriptions of the type of sampling employed by the 2004 GSS. This does not mean just naming the sampling technique. I expect you to briefly describe the process used by the GSS researchers to select participants for the survey. 2. Descriptions of the ways the survey was delivered and the ways answers were recorded by respondents and/or GSS staff. 3. A report on the response rate for the 2004 GSS and the likely effects of nonresponse on the quality of the data. 4. An assessment of the representativeness of the GSS for the target population of the US citizen. Variables 5. Describe how the dependent (topic) and three independent variables were measured, starting with your dependent variable. You should quote the questions from the codebook verbatim, report the useful response options, and show how these are coded—the number that YOU assigned to each response option when doing your analyses. Statistics 6. Tell the reader what statistical tests you performed for each hypothesis, and what statistics software you used. You will actually write this part after you finish the results below. After getting the results, you would say something like: “I used independent samples t-tests and ANOVA to test my hypotheses. These tests are conducted using the SPSS 17.0 student version statistical software.” Results Step 1: Descriptive Statistics. You should start producing results by running descriptive statistics for each of your variables so as to determine just how the respondents in your sample think or behave. These descriptive statistics do three things. First, they describe the sample in terms of important variables, which helps to determine how representative the sample is of the target population (or to whom the findings may be generalized). Second, they describe the respondents’ experiences on the phenomena of interest to the researcher. Third, they help to frame the discussion of the analyses. For example, if in research on capital
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aacProject_2 - Project 2 Due: Tuesday, January 19, 2010...

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