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Fingerprints Greensheet - Justice Studies Department...

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Justice Studies Department Instructor: Mary Juno Forensic Science Program Office Hrs: Mon 1300-1500 San Jose State University Email: Summer 2010, M/W 9-1245 Office: MQH 521 Classroom: BBC 002 Class Website : JS 111 Fingerprint Science Course Description History and use of fingerprints in criminal identification. Topics include the scientific basis for fingerprint identification, levels of detail used in identification, Henry Classification, methods of development, automated systems such as AFIS and CAL-ID, and court presentation of fingerprint evidence. Justice Studies or Forensic Science majors only. Course Text and Materials Hawthorne, M. (2009). Fingerprints: Analysis and Understanding. Boca Raton: CRC Press. ISBN-13 978-1-4200-6864-1. Supplemental Documents and Labs for JS 111 available on class website Course Format The course will include lectures by the instructor, class discussions, powerpoint presentations, and lab exercises. Text will be supplemented with documents posted on the class website. Course Requirements Homework: Review questions at the back of each chapter will be assigned. Additional homework may also be assigned. Quizzes/Exams There will be quizzes on readings and lectures, and one final exam. Format may include multiple choice, matching, true/false, diagrams and short essays. Make-ups will NOT be given if you are late or absent. Presentation Each student will demonstrate the process by which he/she made a positive identification from a latent lift. This will include an explanation of the process used to locate and develop the
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Fingerprints Greensheet - Justice Studies Department...

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