NWCOAST - Northwest Coast A. Major divisions: Northern;...

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Northwest Coast A. Major divisions: Northern; Central: Wakashan, Coast Salish; Southern; Northwest Californian B. Note language diversity: Na-dene, Penutian, Hokan, Wakashan, Salish, Macro-Algonkian 1. Northern :Tlingit, Haida, Tsimshian 2. Central Wakashan : Kwakiutl[note Boas and informant George Hunt, has become metaphor for the other, archetype of competition, excess, redistribution], Bella Bella, Bella Coola, Haisla, Kitamat, Makah Salish : Comox, Pentlatch, Sliannon, Squiamish, Halkomelon, Nooksack, Lummi, Saanich, Songness, Clallam, Snoqualmi, Nisqually, Skagit, Snohomish, Puyallup [note landmark decision on rights in Port of Tacoma--settlement grants some taxation rights and gives settlements for urban services in education and health], Quinault, Cowlitz, Skokomish 3. Southern : Chehalis, Chinook, Alsea, Yaquina, Siuslaw, Coos, Umpqua, Tututni 4. NW California : Yurok, Wiyot, Karok, Hupa, Tolowa Subsistence Note high population density-approximately 6+ per mile square, equivalent of many horticultural societies- tribal pop 10, 000+ Key focus: Based on marine resources (primarily salmon, also marine mammals, trade (between groups, based on copper, dentalium shells, Japanese drift iron), redistribution (through acts of generosity and planning by elite class) 1. Marine resources Key foci-salmon, also shellfish, mammals, "rain forests" products of cedars, berries, wildlife Storables [salmon, halibut, cod, herring, berries, seal, candlefish oil, fish skins (note use in Siberia, NE China) woven wool and cedar bark cloth and blankets, decorated wooden objects], consumables
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NWCOAST - Northwest Coast A. Major divisions: Northern;...

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