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Unformatted text preview: HIST 122 DON Research Portfolio This Research Portfolio is worth 50 points. In order to complete the assignment, you must first select a Renaissance actor about whom you will write. I recommend choosing from among the cast of characters in the Rabb book to give you a leg up; however, if you want to write about another Renaissance actor, please email me for approval. Now, this paper is not a cut-and-paste job where you just get a bunch of secondary sources and tell me what other histori- ans say about your historical actor. In this paper, you are the historian. You are writing about an aspect of one of these Renaissance actors’ lives. The primary piece of evidence for this is at least one primary source, although you may use more. So, for example, if you chose Gluckl of Hameln from Rabb’s book, you would check out her diary from Interlibrary Loan and then do one aspect of her life, such as her family, her busi- ness, her travel, etc., choosing just those diary entries that deal with that aspect of her life. ness, her travel, etc....
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