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Profiler Plus or COfiler Amplification Set-Up 1. Retrieve amplification reagents from an inventoried kit. Label the thin wall gene-amp tubes to match your samples. Kit Lot No.: ______________ Control Date:__________________ 2. Prepare the Profiler Plus or COfiler Master Mix by adding the following volumes of reagents to a 1.5 ml tube: # of samples = ____× 21.0 μ L Reaction Mix = ____ μ L. # of samples = ____× 11.0 μ L Profiler Plus or COfiler Primer Set = ____ μ L. # of samples = ____× 1.0 μ L AmpliTAQ Gold DNA Polymerase = ____ μ L. 3. Add 30 µL of the Profiler Plus or COfiler Master Mix to each of the labeled tubes and add approximately 50 μ l of mineral oil to each tube. Cap all tubes. Label tubes appropriately. 4. Add the template DNA making sure that the DNA is deposited below the oil. Target the [DNA] to be 1-2.5 ng and the final volume to be 20 μ L (see the PCR Amplification Sheet). Centrifuge all tubes briefly. 5.
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