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Instruct for Research Assignmnet - Summary Assignment NuFS...

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Page 1 Please be sure to read all of these instructions, particularly those regarding plagiarism and note the sample "facing page" on p.5. lf, after reading these instructions, you feel any uncerlainty about how to proceed with this assignment, please contact your instructor immediately in person (before/after class or during office hours) or by e-mail. He welcomes your questions and has answers. Plogiorism---Don't Do ft: Let's review what plagiarism is so that you do not get in trouble and lose points on your Summary. Plagiarism is the intentional representation of someone else's writing or ideas as your own, without giving credit to that person. ln this paper, all of the writing should be your own, except possibly the description of the authors' hypothesis (see #5 on p.2). ln this assignment, plagiarism is not your reporting of the rdeas presented in the research paper-we assume all ideas that you express, other than your optional editorial comments, come from the authors of the research paper. Plagiarism is also not your use of the same scientific terminology that was used by the authors---you must use the same terminology to accurately summarize their work. Rather, plagiarism is the copying of any of the authors' sentences into your summary, even if you change some of the authors'words. lt is not enough to substitute/add/delete a few words here and there in a sentence to make it "your" writing---you must instead re- express the idea(s) in a substantially different new sentence. lf you have any questions about this, please ask. Every sentence that appears to have been plagiarized (see above criteria) will result in a loss of 2 pts., and No quoting allowed in your summary (with the exception noted on p.2)--ln the world outside the University it is usually acceptable to quote the work of others as long as you have gotten permission to do so and/or used quotation marks and a citation to clearly indicate which writing belongs to another person. However, as this is a writing assignment rather than an exercise in quoting the writing of others, in this paper you must, other than the exception already noted, not quote AT ALL. Please use your own words, Why you'r e wrtting this summory: 1. To explore a recent -- current issue or previous issue only (May or April 2009) -- research publication (called a "pape/') in the field of nutrition in order to see how scientific data is gathered and disseminated by the people who do the research; 2. To engage in the intellectual exercise of summarizing, in your own words, such a research paper and identifying what type of scientific study it was; 3- To meet part of the writing requirement Jor the Human Understanding and Dev't guideline in this GE H.U.D. course. Here's whot
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Instruct for Research Assignmnet - Summary Assignment NuFS...

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