case3 spyder - TO SUBJECT DATE CC Mr David Jacobs CEO and...

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TO: Mr. David Jacobs, CEO and Chairmen of Spyder Active Sports SUBJECT: Spyder Active Sports—2004 DATE: 5-1-09 CC: Steven Bennet Dear Mr. Jacobs, I have recently reviewed and studied your business ventures and propositions, and I must confess; I am impressed. Your persistence of pioneering an elite and exclusive brand name company to the skiing and snow-sport industry has embarked many of your friends, family members, colleagues, and competitors to pay close attention to your business practice. After starting up Spyder as a manufacturer of high-performance ski apparel, you have done a magnificent job of creating a vast product line; whereas, Spyder Brands pays close attention to the various trademarks: Core, Venom, ProGear, Kyds, XSCap, Stryke, Section, Legion, and Footwear (Exhibit 4). I have come to understand that you have partaken in many business ventures leading up to your establishment of Spyder. I envy the fact that you were able to create a business out of something you were extremely passionate about and experienced. Even more so, you were able to work with your two sons, Bill and Jake, who both share the same interests and enthusiasm for skiing. You have definitely come a long way from the initial founding in 1978 to the early growth stages beginning around 1982 where you took the company division from under the previous Hansen Industries under your own wings and decision-making. At this point, you made a revitalizing decision to join forces with you manufacturer Tsunehisa Shimokubo of Osaka, Japan due to some financial distress and lacking of sufficient capital. This decision to reconstitute the business as an independent company, Spyder Active Sports, Inc., with an initial capitalization of $75,000 proves to work well as Shimokubo provided the required $50,000 in capital exchange for 50,000 shares of
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case3 spyder - TO SUBJECT DATE CC Mr David Jacobs CEO and...

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