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MUSC 012, Fundamentals of Music History, Section 1, Spring 2010, Course Schedule, REVISED Course schedule is subject to change with fair notice: schedule and due-date changes will be announced in class. Week Date Topics, Readings, Assignments, Deadlines 11 April 5 April 7 Midterm White Notation; The Franco-Flemish composers: Guillaume Dufay 12 April 13 April 14 The Franco-Flemish composers: Johannes Ockeghem *Assignment 4—Transcribing White Notation The Franco-Flemish composers: Josquin Desprez 13 April 19 April 21 Due: Assignment 4—Transcribing White Notation The Protestant Reformation: Martin Luther and Hassler The Catholic Reformation I: Nicholas Gombert, Cristóbal de Morales FURLOUGH DAY 14
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Unformatted text preview: April 26 April 28 *Quiz 3: White Notation The Catholic Reformation II: Giovanni Palestrina, Tomás Luis de Victoria, and Orlando de Lasso Regional Styles: Italy and Spain—Encina, Cara; France and England—Jannequin, Le Jeune, Morley 15 May 3 May 5 The Early and “Classic” Madrigal: Arcadelt, Rore, Marenzio * Assignment 5—Analyzing a Madrigal The Late Madrigal: Gesualdo, Wert, Monteverdi 16 May 10 May 12 Four Types of Instrumental Music, I *Due: Assignment 5—Analyzing a Madrigal Four Types of Instrumental Music, II 17 May 17 The Venetian School: Andrea and Giovanni Gabrieli Final Exam Thursday, May 20 7:15-9:30 AM FINAL Concert Report due...
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