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Soci 174 term paper - Sociology 174 Term Paper Assignment...

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Sociology 174 Term Paper Assignment Spring ‘10 Your term paper assignment is to write a ten-page (approximate) paper on a topic of your choice involving some macro or micro level phenomena relating to sexual or romantic interaction, expression, regulation, deviance, etc. Because this is a research paper, you will need to include the following pieces of information: 1. Clearly define and describe the issue at hand. What detail can you provide in describing this issue so that the reader knows the specific cultural context for what you are talking about? 2. Provide some historical data and background information regarding this issue. What changes have occurred in this society (or any society or societies that you are discussing) that may be important to our understanding of this particular social phenomenon in the current time? 3. Give some sort of theoretical insight about the nature of this phenomenon. How can we use a sociological theory to gain a better understanding of the nature of this particular phenomenon?
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