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Ch. 5 The Media and Claims 1) What are primary claims? 2) What are secondary claims and what is characteristic about them? 3) Why does the media alter the claims they report? 4) What does the term newshole mean? 5) What does ‘carrying capacity’ mean? 6) What factors influence which stories receive media coverage? 7) What does ‘news is a social construction’ mean? 8) What has resulted in the shift from a small number of networks to 24-hour news networks? 9) What has been the result of audience segmentation?
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Unformatted text preview: 10) Why has there been less news coverage of claims relating to the needs of the poor in recent years? 11) How has the Internet changed claims-making? 12) Why did the Bank of Boston incident come to be used as the landmark narrative? 13) How are packages and frames related? 14) Why do sociologists often dislike the way social problems are presented in the popular media? 15) What do we mean when we say that the media are involved in agenda setting?...
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