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Final Research Project: Your final research project will require you to use skills acquired from the other course assignments including our in-class exercises. For this paper, you will compose an argument on behalf of a controversial and/or unusual social policy. As part of that argument, you must 1) present empirically verifiable statements about your topic, 2) identify the social value to which you are appealing, and 3) explain your reasons for supporting the policy that you propose. Your objective is to persuade your reader through your choice of citations, grammatical style, organization, and use of vivid and engaging language. You will present your final paper to the class at the end of the term and field questions from your audience. This project is worth 200 points and should be approximately 2000 words in length. Instructions As we discussed in class, the topic for this paper should be provocative and original. It must also be relevant to the audience in our class. Think about the kinds of issues that might be of interest to your classmates and avoid topics that are of little concern to them. I strongly encourage you to make an unusual argument. The
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