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Paper_3 Description,_S010[1]

Paper_3 Description,_S010[1] - Paper#3 Description Three...

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Paper #3 Description Three papers of approximately 500 words each will be due on Tuesday, March 23, Tuesday, April 13, and Thursday, May 6. Each paper will be typed in Arial or New Times Roman in 12 point font with one inch margins, double spaced. This should make each paper one and a half to two pages. Please use MLA or APA format and include a bibliography with references used including the article about which you are writing. Provide a word count along with your name at the top of the paper. The topic for the third paper will be based on one of two articles posted on my website – “German diesel power gains favor with U.S. car buyers” or “Spirit Airlines introduces non- adjustable seats.” Pick one economic concept from one of these articles and provide a well- reasoned positive economic analysis. A well-written paper will include a diagram(s) where appropriate. Your third paper will focus on your own economic analysis. I will grade you
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