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Comm 20- Public Speaking February 8, 2009 Thesis Statements A) Cars: a. It is simple to know the many different types of cars, their purposes, and their uses. b. Cars can pose many problems if they choose to break down on you, therefore it is a necessity to keep a few simple things that can save you in that situation. B) Women: a. Romance is a women’s weakness and to make exploit it is to win over her heart skillfully. b. The art of picking up a women is a fragile one but it can teach you a lot in the process. C) Cooking:
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Unformatted text preview: a. If you’re looking for a way to impress someone, cooking is a very effective way to do it. b. Making kabobs is actually easier than you’d expect and the outcome is as delicious as can be. D) Fragrances: a. One necessity to becoming a man is switching from axe or body sprays or possibly nothing at all to a masculine scent that matches your personality. b. Picking the fragrance for you just takes a few simple steps and after you will receive more compliments than you can ever imagine....
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