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Leadership Schedule TR

Leadership Schedule TR - 7 Oct 8 Duce Cintora Mallory...

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Soci 172 / LGBT Studies, Fall 2009 Leadership Schedule, TR Sign up for three class days. Week Date Leaders 1 Aug 27 1. Robb Diaz, Kim Nguyen 2 Sep 1 1. Robb Diaz, Sabrina Adona, Jessica Becker, Trisha Sierras 3 Sep 10 1. Whitney Jan, Sabrina Adona 4 Sep 15 Sep 17 Jessica Becker, Mallory Cooper, Michelle Serpa, Chris Cobb Kim Nguyen, Tonya Gribben, Anamaria Maireanu, Taren Yoppini 5 Sep 24 Chris Cobb, Brandon Rutley, Sarah Stewart 6 Sep 29 Oct 1 Michelle Serpa, Dulce, Whitney Jan Tonya Gribben, Sarah Stewart, Patricia L.
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Unformatted text preview: 7 Oct 8 Duce Cintora, Mallory Cooper, Trisha, Brandon Rutley 8 Oct 15 Taren Yoppini, Michelle Serpa, Chris Cobb 9 Oct 22 Anamaria Maireanu, Kim Nguyen, Tonya Gribben 10 Oct 27 Patricia Lopez, Dulce Cintora, Anamaria M. 11 Nov 3 Nov 5 Ursula Perez, Sabrina Adona, Brandon Rutley Trisha, Taren Yoppini, Robb Diaz, Brandon Rutley 12 Nov 10 Nov 12 Patricia Lopez, Ursula Perez, Jessica Becker Mallory Cooper, Whitney, Sarah Stewart, Ursula Perez...
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