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Philosophy 292 Professor Manning Punishment and Prison Reform FO 201, 924-4470 Spring 2010 T,R, 1-3, and by appt. [email protected] Syllabus Course Description : This is a philosophical exploration and normative critique of criminal punishment. Required Texts : David Garland, The Culture of Control ; Deidre Golash, The Case Against Punishment; Readings on web page and online Requirements and grading : Active participation (come prepared to all session of the class and participate constructively in discussion), one 12-15 page paper or two 6-8 page papers, one presentation. You will be allowed to revise your paper(s) providing you get them in on time. Your participation will count for 20 points, presentation for 20 points, and paper 60 points. Presentations will be done in weeks 11-15. Schedule I. Philosophical Justifications of Punishment Week 1, 1/27, Topic: Introduction to the Problem of Punishment; Reading: Golash, Ch. 1 Week 2, 2/3, Topic: Varieties of Retributivism; Reading: Cottingham, Walker, Golash, Ch. 3 Week 3, 2/10, Topic: Retributivism: Unfair Advantage; Reading: Davis, Duff (1990) Topic: Retributivism: Fair Play; Reading: Daggar, Duff (2008), Golash, Ch. 4 Week 4, 2/17, Topic: Topic: Retributivism: Trust; Reading: Dimock, Korman Topic: Retributivism: Expressive; Reading: Primoratz, Hampton, Gert, Hanna Week 5, 2/24, Deterrence; Reading: Ellis (both), Sprague, Golash, Ch 2, 5 Week 6, 3/3, Topic: Moral Education; Reading: Morris (both), Dolinko, Shook, Shafer- Landau Week 7, 3/10, Topic: Communication; Reading: Duff (2003), Golash, Ch. 6 Topic: Is punishment justified? Golash, Ch. 7-8 II. Social Theory: Why does the U.S. punish so harshly? Week 8, 3/17 Garland, Ch 1-3 6-8 PAGE PAPER ONE DUE
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Week 9, 3/24 Garland, Ch. 4-6 Spring Break Week 10, 4/7 Garland, Ch. 7-8, Paris, Reynolds III. Normative Critique of the Penal State Week 11, 4/14 Topic: Plea bargaining; Reading: Hessick, Langer; Bordenkircher v. Hayes
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292+punishment+Syllabus - Philosophy 292 Punishment and...

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