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Announcements and Assignments JS 196e 040207 I. Announcements a. Guest Lecture Today: Dr. John Tonkyn – Jan Bashinski CA DOJ DNA Lab: Supervisor Missing Persons Database b. Next time- Student led reviews for Exam 2 c. Exam 2- Monday 9 April d. Guest Lecture Weds 11 April : Dr. Charles Brenner- Forensic Mathematician- Familial Searching and Mass Disasters e. Guest Lectures- 18 April- Nicole Inacio- CA DOJ : 23 April- Rock Harmon- Sr, DA Alameda II. Assign Chapter and other topic reviews Team ___ Butler C5: Commonly used STRs, Butler C6: Biololgy of STRs, Inman C 6 overview of for dna –69-71, 83-87, Budowle STR presentation Team ___ Butler C 7- Forensic issues, Inman C7 97-131, Inman C8- Interpretation-139-142, DNA Quantification review – Lee Team ___ Butler C 12: Separation, Butler C 13: Detection – fluorescence, Fluorescence URL, Butler and McCord CE talk, CE article by Buel et al. 310 Team ___Butler C 14: Instrumentation, Butler C 15- STR genotyping issues Team ___ Inman lecture, Tonkyn lecture, Laboratories- DNA extraction repeat and PCR
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