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Feedback from 10/29/08 Class I really like analyzing assessments by working in small groups and then sharing points with the whole class. An aha moment was when I was looking at the checklist and trying to decide which how to plan instruction and for which students. I was focusing on the minus scores and it was interesting to learn that it might be helpful to focus on the checks. I like the “what, so what, now what” reminder for thinking about how to use assessment to figure out what to teach and what a student might need. When planning a unit it is a good idea to get a better sense of what and how to teach students based on what you learned about students. Tonight was very informative. I think the most important thing we learned was the importance of focusing on certain strategies and planning how to teach them. That is something that is hard for me because I often don’t have time. But now I know that I need to make it a priority in order to help my students. I appreciate the sayings: What so what now what skill + strategy + why These are very helpful reminders in planning when using ongoing standards. It is important to find a way to record the information in ways so that you can see individual progress as well as whole class. I8t is important to look at both sets of data. The continuum is helpful to keep in mind in mind. It helps me visualize where students are at and where they need to be. Teacher does work Student does work independently I liked doing the work about writing. I am inspired to pull out my kids writing and make a check-list looking at the standards. Tonight was one of my favorite classes. Planning is challenging when you are working in a grade you are not familiar with and using data on
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Feedback_for_Class_10_October_29 - Feedback from Class I...

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