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Revision_Guidelines - Eng 1B-Draegan Re-Envision = To See...

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Eng. 1B—Draegan Spring 2010 Congratulations, if you have followed these steps, chances are you have done some effective revision. Remember, revision is not just proofreading. Skilled writers ensure first that every sentence, every quote, and every paragraph works to prove their argument. Re-Envision = To See Again Strategies for Revision Revision is not simply checking your spelling and making sure you have met the required page length! See your writing with new eyes and revise your essays to contain logically organized and supported arguments. 1. Read your most recent draft once all the way through. Make quick notes on what your fresh perspective reveals. Get familiar with your paper as a whole. 2. Read all comments including: instructor comments, peer reviews, and writing questionnaires. What are others saying about my writing? Take notes, they will come in handy! 3. Post-Draft Outline: What does it reveal about my argument or organization? 4. Rewrite your argument into one or two sentences.
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