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Study Guide Test 1 Basic Pollution Problem Diagram History of Earth/Atmosphere Processes contributing to evolution of the earth/atmosphere system Co-increase in oxygen and ozone Box Model Miller-Urey Experiment Gaia Structure of the atmosphere Temperature (including scales) Why warming in the stratosphere Permanent gases Variable gases Pressure Hadley Circulation and general circulation Radiation Electromagnetic Spectrum Stefan-Boltzmann Wien Albedo Radiative equilibrium Scattering (e.g. blue sky) Ozone formation
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Unformatted text preview: Chemistry Language of Chemistry Difference between a molecule and an atom Primary chemical compounds in the atmosphere Atomic structure of H 2 O Reactions Activation energy Exothermic or endothermic Ozone formation Process of photochemical smog Catalysis Acids & Bases The Winds HPGF Coriolis Friction Stability & Dispersion Lapse Rate Stable, Neutral, Unstable Atmosphere Adiabat (dry, saturated) Inversion Dispersion Processes Wind, turbulence Diurnal Cycle of SMOG...
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