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ch10&11 reader - Chapter Reader CHAPTER 10 Overview...

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Chapter Reader CHAPTER 10: ALTERNATIVE MARKETING Overview: Traditional mass media advertising faces many challenges because the use of alternative media is on the rise. The chapter covers a review of alternative media programs, including buzz marketing, guerilla marketing, product placements and branded entertainment, and lifestyle marketing. Other topics covered are: alternative media tactics, in-store marketing and international implications of alternative marketing programs. Alternative Media Programs Buzz Marketing Buzz marketing is also known as word-of-mouth advertising. It emphasizes consumers passing along information about a product. The three main sources of buzz are: consumers who truly like a brand and tell others consumers who like a brand and are sponsored by the company to tell others company or agency employees posing as customers and telling others Buzz Marketing Stages The three stages are: (1) inoculation, (2) incubation, and (3) infection, similar to viral marketing. Buzz Marketing Preconditions The preconditions are: the brand must stand out the company must feature memorable advertising the advertising must be intriguing, different and unique the buzz should get customers involved Guerilla Marketing Guerilla marketing is designed to obtain instant results using limited resources. Typically a guerilla marketing program relies on: (1) alternative media tactics and (2) creative ways of 1
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doing things. Product Placements and Branded Entertainment A product placement is making sure a product is seen as part of a film or television program. Branded entertainment means the product is woven in as part of the storyline. Achieving Success with Individual Consumers Key factors for success: the right media, supporting promotional activities, consumer attitudes toward placements, placement characteristics, and regulations. The primary goal of product placements and branded entertainment is to increase brand awareness. Lifestyle Marketing Lifestyle marketing involves identifying marketing methods associated with the hobbies and entertainment venues of the target audience. Places such as farmer's markets, bluegrass festivals, stock car races, and craft shows are examples. Alternative Media Venues Video Game Advertising in-game advertisements rotating in-game advertising interactive ads game-related Web sites advergames sponsored downloads The Benefits of videogame advertising include: quality Web metrics ability to target key demographic groups and locations The Disadvantages of videogame advertising include: ads soon become static and must be replaced to be effective Cinema Advertising These include more than just trailers. Specific ads can be shown to a captive audience.
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