Genesis - THE BOOK OF GENESIS CHAPTERS 1-3(Revised Standard...

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THE BOOK OF GENESIS CHAPTERS 1-3 (Revsed Standard Ve±ion) i N THE BEGINNING God created the healens and the earth. 2TH earth was without frm and 10 id, and Drk- nES was upon the /a(e 0/ the deep; and the ±piRt 0/ GO was mo²Ling o²³er tH /aU 0/ the wate´µ 3 And God said¶ "·et there be ¸ight¹º and there was ¸ight. FAnd God saw that the ¸ight was good» and GO separated the ¸Ight ¼m the Drkn½¾¿ 'GO (aÀed the ¸ight Áay and the DrkneÃs he (a¸Jed NightÄ And there was Åening and there was moÆingÇ one DyÈ 6 And God saidÉ Ê·et there be a ËÌament in the mÍt 0/ the watersÎ and jt it separaÏ the wate´ ¼m the wate´ÐÑ 7And God made the ËÌaÒ ment and separatÓ the waters whi(h were under the ËÌamÔt ÕÖm the wa× tØs whKh were aboÙe tH ËÌamentÚ And it was soÛ 8And GO (aÜed the Ërmament Ýea²Þnß And tHà was eáâ ning and there was moÆingã a se(ond Dy. 9 And God saäã å·et the waters unæç the heaèens be gatheé together into one pêUë and ¸et the dì ¸and apí pearµ î And it was soµ ï 0 God (a¸Jed the dì ¸and ðrthñ and tH wate´ that Wà òtherÓ together he (aóô ±easÛ And God saw that it was goodÈ õõAnd God saidö ÷·et the earth put frth èege- tationÇ pønts Yeùing súdû and /üit tàes Barýng/üit in whþh i thÿr súdÇ eaĀh aāording t iĂ kindă uPn tH earthĄ ą And it was soµ ïĆThe earth brought frth ćegeĈtionû p¸ants yieùing súd aāoĉing to tĊr own kinċă and tČčs beaRng/üiĎ in whKh i tHir súdď Đđh aāording to its kindĒ And God saw that it wē goO. ĔAnd theà was ĕí ning and theĖ was moÆingÇ a ėhird Dy. 14 And GO said ʷet there be ¸ighĂ in tH Ërmament 0/ the heaęns to seĚraÏ the Dy ¼m tH night: and jt them B fr signě and/or seasons and fr Dys and yearsĜ ï 'and ¸et them be ¸ighĝ in tH Ërmament 0/ the Haèens to giće Ğght upon the earthµ ğ And it was soÚ ï6And God made the tĠ gàat ġghĂĜ the greater ¸ight to üj the Dyö and tH jsser ¸ight to ü¸e the night» H maĢ the ģĤars aĥoÄ ïĦAnd God seĎ tHm in the ËÌament 0/ the hea²ħens to giće ¸ight upon tH earĎhã ï8Ĩ0 rĩ¸e oèer tH Dy and o²Ler the nightĪ and Ĩ0 separate the ¸ight ¼m tH Drknessµ And GO saw that it was goodī ï9And there was eĬening and thØe was moÆingĭ a fuĮh Dyį 20 And GO saidİ ı·et the wate´ bring frth swaÌs o/IJićing Matuàsij
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"& THE BOoK and kl birD fy aboFe thE EaRh ac±ss tHE ²³ment o/ IhE heaTEnJ." 2L S0 God c´aµd IhE grEal sEa mons¶s and e ·iv¸ng CEalure thaI mOes, wilh which thE wal¹s swaº, a»ording to t Kin¼½, and We¾ wing¿ biÀ A- cording to its KindÁ ÂN GÃÄ saw that ;1 ÅaÆ goÇ 22Ând God bkssed themÈ saying, ±² ÉÊiË· and mu·tÌÍ and ²Î thE waÏrs in thE sEas, and kt biÐ
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Genesis - THE BOOK OF GENESIS CHAPTERS 1-3(Revised Standard...

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