- one of each in your portfolio The subjects are up to you but try to include both pastoral nature poems and ones that take place in a city In

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Poetry Portfolio Guidelines Your portfolio will contain four original poems and four revised versions of those poems. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT hand me four poems to which nothing has been done. Nobody is that good. I’ve been a poet for 50 years. I always revise. You may revise by changing line breaks, bringing more focus to your images, rearranging the architecture of the poem on the page, changing punctuation, or changing a title, among many options. Play with the poem. Listen to your peers. Run it by me, if you like, but REVISE. What kind of poems should you turn in? I will go over and give examples of the types of poems listed below in class. Here is the list. You need
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Unformatted text preview: one of each in your portfolio. The subjects are up to you, but try to include both pastoral, nature poems and ones that take place in a city. In other words, don’t just write about one topic. Your journal exercises and the ones we’ve done in class should help you 1) A list poem à la Walt Whitman OR A poem that is epistolary, a letter to someone else 2) A poem in a formal style such as haiku, sonnet, villanelle, ballad, ode, or pantoum, to name a few 3) A prose poem, looks more like a paragraph 4) A free verse poem...
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