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- Illusions of Control o We overestimate the amount of control we have over chance-determined events o We have acknowledged pockets of incompetence o Overly optimistic thoughts about the future Individuals feel that there is a higher likelihood of good things happening to them than to others. - Methods of Motivation Research o Objectives Determine underlying motivations for consumption Identify symbolic qualities of products - Types of Research Techniques o Focus Groups Moderated discussions of small groups of people who share a demographic characteristic with the target market Pros: stimulating interaction may increase candor and decrease inhibition Cons: lack of natural setting, group (versus individual) effects in evaluation o Open ended sentence completion task Completing each sentence with an opionated word. It shows how people think of
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Unformatted text preview: certain topics. Pros: (same as in depth interviews) cost efficient, provides insight Cons: subjective interpretations of the data received. o In-depth Interviews “Make up a dream in there is a watermelon.” Pros: cost efficient, provides insights Cons: subjective interpretations o Pictorial Projectives Using pictures instead of words to convey information. Bubble drawings: respondents describe to a researcher what a pictured person is thinking or saying. Psychodrawings Respondents draw pictures of individuals who use certain brands. o Summary of Motivation Definition and Characteristics Theories of Motivation Methods of Motivation Research....
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3-3-09.docx - certain topics. Pros: (same as in depth...

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