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3-17-09 - -Extended Self-Gender Roles-Body Image...

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Gender Roles - There are biological and social reasons why the sexes differ. o Sex Roles in many societies Males are taught goals relate to mastery Females are taught goals fostering harmonious relations Body Image - Consumer’s subjective evaluation of his or her physical self - Perceptions are influenced by o Physical attributes o Perceived fertility o Hormones o Economics o Media Summary of Self - Self Concept
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Unformatted text preview: -Extended Self-Gender Roles-Body Image Summary-Consumer Characteristics Affecting Perception-Stimulus Factors Affecting Perception-Perceptual Issues Perceptual issues-Subliminal Perception-Embeds o Hidden Figures or words-Incongruities o Items that do not fit appropriately-Suggestiveness o The contents imply more than the copy would indicate...
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3-17-09 - -Extended Self-Gender Roles-Body Image...

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