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homework 9 KEY spr2008 - CHEM 1016 Homework #9 Posted:...

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CHEM 1016 Homework #9 Posted: March 10, 2008 Due: Tuesday, March 18, 2008 Choose the correct response to each of the following multiple choice questions and fill in the corresponding space on your orange opscan. 1. Your text, on page 365, describes Swedish chemist, Svante Arrhenius as the proposer of the ionic theory of acids, bases, and salts in aqueous solution (He was also the first to relate carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to the green house effect) Visit http://nobelprize.org/chemistry/laureates/1903/arrhenius-bio.html and choose the statement that best describes Svante Arrhenius' dissertation presentation at the Academy of Sciences. . 1. The presentation was well received by his committee. He was awarded his degree and was subsequently offered a teaching position at the Academy of Sciences. 2. The dissertation was not well understood at the Academy of Sciences in Stockholm. It was only with the intervention of Pettersson and Ostwald (an eventual Nobel Laureate) that his ideas were received at all. Arrhenius subsequently took a teaching position at the University of Uppsala. 3. The ideas that caused him so much trouble as he defended his dissertation were the same ones that earned him the 1903 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. 4. Choices 2 and 3 accurately describe the situation.********* 2. Point your browser to http://www.magicdragon.com/UltimateSF/authorsA.html#Al and check out the Hubert Alyea offering. One Alyea fan, Walt Disney, created a film around Alyea's "eccentric, even zany way of imparting knowledge that packed in audiences." My own lecture style (as well as that of the author of this piece) is heavily influenced by his "energetic melding of demonstrations, biographical stories, poems, and spontaneous jokes." The Walt Disney character created was 1. Pluto (in 1930 EVERYONE was jumping on the "Pluto" bandwagon, the planet having been "discovered" that same year.) 2.
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homework 9 KEY spr2008 - CHEM 1016 Homework #9 Posted:...

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