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Genealogy Paper: This will be your final project for COMM 294. The paper should be between 1500 and 2000 words and will be worth 100 points. The task is to write a disciplinary genealogy for your culminating experience. That is to say, write a history of the disciplinary developments, both intellectual and institutional, that make it possible for you to write a thesis, complete exams, or complete a project on X topic from X angle. This project will require you to compile a bibliography of several key historical essays or books that led to the development of your area of study and to provide narrative summaries on the significance of those texts. It will also require you to investigate institutional histories of the field of communication studies and to supplement your narrative with historical facts. This kind of research will likely require you to follow trails of footnotes left in articles that you find especially crucial to your work. The overall objective of this assignment is
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