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Listen • Speak • Engage COMM 100W – Writing Workshop Assignments & Points – Spring 2010 page 1 of 4 San José State University Communication Studies COMM 100W, Writing Workshop, Spring 2010 Course Requirements: Details about POINTS and GRADING The points listed here are the maximum available for each assignment. Major Writing (160 points total) Research paper (100 points total) Annotated Bibliography - 15 First draft (at least 2,000 words) - 25 Final Version (3,000-4,000 words) - 60 Essay #1 (1,000 words, “My History As A Writer) - 20 Essay #2 (1,500 words, “Analysis of a Scholarly Essay”) - 40 Short Writing, approx. 500 words ea. (100 points total) Focusing writing exercises & worksheets – 20 Cover Letter & Resume - 20 Peer Response - 10 Marketing Writing (3 pieces) - 30 Proofreading Guide - 20 Exams (50 points total) A take-home midterm and a take-home final will be assigned, for a total of 50 points possible. Oral Presentations (30 points total) Will include group and individual presentations covering various topics. Fifteen points will be awarded for the Grammar Festival. The rest will be available for less formal presentations. Participation/Sharing/Discussion (60 points total) Will include classroom participation as well as individual conference, and more. There will be a few participation points available during most class meetings. If you miss a class, those participation points cannot be made up unless your absence was sanctioned by the university. Points and Grades There will be 400 points, plus a few extra credit points, available this semester. In order to receive general education credit for COMM 100W, you must earn a grade of C or higher, a minimum of 293 points out of 400. Your final grade will be based on the following point scale: A = 400-373 points A- = 372-360 points B+ = 359-348 points B = 347-333 points B- = 320-332 points C+ =308-319 points C = 293-307 points C- = 280-292 points D+ =268-279 points D = 253-267 points D- = 240-252 points F = 239 & fewer
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Listen • Speak • Engage COMM 100W – Writing Workshop Assignments & Points – Spring 2010 page 2 of 4 Course Requirements: Details about SELECTED ASSIGNMENTS Exams (due March 25 & final exam day) You will take two take-home exams in the course; each is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your understanding and application of course concepts (as gleaned from discussions, readings and assigned writings). You will also need to demonstrate upper-division mastery of English grammar and source citation. The mid-term exam is primarily designed to move you ahead in your course work and writing expertise. The final exam is primarily designed to give you a chance to demonstrate your best writing. Together, these two take-home exams are worth up to 50 points. Essay #1: My History as a Writer (due February 4) In this 1000 word essay, describe a person, event or experience that you believe affected (either positively or negatively) how you understand yourself as a writer. Do you think of yourself as a writer? How did you come to think about writing in the way(s) that you do? What sorts of advantages and challenges do you foresee in your future as a writer? What do you like about your writing?
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