5-7-09 - etc without the user’s explicit...

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- Thought Question o What practices might you use when having dinner with business professionals? - Etiquette Tips o Responding to others o Dining Etiquette. - Responding to others o We will cover o Life events disability etiquette issues - Life events o Encouraging cards and words are usually welcome o Call to see if visiting is okay o Watch for cues about how long to stay. Plan on 10 minutes o Avoid telling horror stories involving others with the same condition o Use discretion when giving gifts to ill individuals or caretakers. Be aware of dietary restrictions Put food in containers labeled with your name, or in those that need not be returned to you - Disability etiquette issues o Always communicate directly with the individual with a disability. Speak in a normal tone and volume. o Always ask whether help is wanted before beginning to assist o Never move, play with, or use an individual’s assistive device (wheelchairs
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Unformatted text preview: etc.) without the user’s explicit permission-Dining Etiquette o Setting the table Fork on the left of the plate Knife on the right of the plate, sharp edge facing the plate Spoon next to the knife Napkin under the fork, on the plate or in te glass Bread plate on the upper left Water glass on the upper right (American & Continental style).-Networking o If requested, RSVP to let the host know you are coming o Do not overload your plate (eating is not your first priority). o Do not drink too much; watch for changes in your alcohol tolerance o When at a table, if possible enter your chair on your left and exit on your right o Have a firm handshake o Introduce yourself. Have a short commercial about yourself o When appropriate, send a thank you note. You can use it to network further....
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5-7-09 - etc without the user’s explicit...

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