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video_anal_gdlines - 5 Your paper will include the...

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EDTE 246 nlm Spring 2010 EDTE 246 Classroom Management Spring 2010 MIDTERM: VIDEOTAPED LESSON ANALYSIS GUIDELINES This video analysis is your opportunity to show your ability to analyze your own teaching practice using the classroom management framework discussed in this course. Be sure to use the terminology used in this course. 1. Plan to teach one lesson in your classroom. 2. Arrange to videotape the lesson. Check with your cooperating teacher regarding whether or not signed permission slips from parents of students to be videotaped, have been completed. If not, work with your cooperating teacher to obtain permission. 3. Plan to watch the videotaped lesson at least three times. 4. Turn in a copy of your lesson plan with your analysis.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Your paper will include the following: Section 1: Detailed lesson plan . Section 2: Analyze the episode in light of the following classroom management factors listed below. Be sure to provide specific examples of what you or the students did that serves as evidence for your analysis. Kinds of control that you used (preventive, supportive, corrective) in each of the three domains of classroom management (conduct, covenant, content). Bases of power that you used and did not use Section 3: Given your analysis, assess your strengths in the lesson and areas in which you want to improve in the future. **Refer to the Video Analysis Rubric for additional help. EDTE 246 nlm Spring 2010...
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video_anal_gdlines - 5 Your paper will include the...

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