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10/16/08 Notes: Resistance of the Manong Generation to Exploitation 1) ECONOMIC AND RACISM Labor organizing 1930 about 30,000 Filipinos “Blood Unionism” ethnic labor organizing Filipino Labor Union (F.L.U.) Salinas, Hawaii Luis Aguido Pablo Manlapit Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee OR A.W.O.C. (A.F.L.-C.I.O) Larry Itliong, lead organizer Andy Imutan Philip Vera Cruz AWOC MERGES WITH National Farm Workers Assoc. (NFWA) Cesar Chavez
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Unformatted text preview: and Dolores Huerta to form United Farm Workers Organizers Committee 1966, renamed in 1971 United Farm Workers of America 2) SEXUALITY AND RACISM 1933 Roldan court case California legislature puts Malay into Mongolian category the following year. 3) Equity and Veterans 4) Tenant organizing/living conditions Veterans...
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