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English 71: Introduction to Creative Writing Page 1 of 9 Prof. Nick Taylor English 71: Introduction to Creative Writing – Section 5 San Jose State University, Spring 2008 MW 12:00PM-1:15PM Location: Sweeney Hall 410 Prof. Nick Taylor Office: FOB 219 (Phone 408-924-4458) Office Hours: MW 10:00AM-11:45AM and by appointment. Email: [email protected] Course Description Introduction to Creative Writing (English 71) is a 3-unit lower-division course designed, adopted, implemented, and administered by the Department of English & Comparative Literature at San Jose State University in accordance with the University’s General Education Program Guidelines to fulfill Core General Education requirements in the In this course we will read, discuss, and write poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. The course will be taught using a combination of discussion and writing workshops. In the discussion, published works of creative writing will be closely read and analyzed. In the writing workshops, creative work by class members will be analyzed and critiqued for revision. Students are required to participate in all workshops dedicated to the discussion of class members’ writing. Student Learning Objectives Understand the form and content of assigned literary works; Comprehend the historical and cultural contexts of assigned literary works; Recognize the accomplishments of and issues related to writing by men and women representing diverse cultural traditions; Acquire through both individual and collaborative/workshop efforts of a written and oral nature the skills necessary for reading, discussing, analyzing, interpreting, and—most importantly—emulating and writing works of poetry, creative nonfiction, and short fiction; Communicate such skills with clarity and precision; Develop an appreciation of literary works as expressions of human intellect and imagination, and as representations of diverse human cultures; Develop the ability to write literary works that express intellect and imagination and that represent diversity in human cultures Respond to literature through clear and effective communication in both written and oral work; Read and respond to texts with both analytical acumen and personal sensibility; Appreciate how literary works illuminate enduring human concerns while at the same time representing their particular cultures; Write works of poetry, creative non-fiction, and short fiction that are of interest and value to the writer, to other students in the course, and to a diverse reading audience.
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English 71: Introduction to Creative Writing Page 2 of 9 Prof. Nick Taylor Required Texts McClatchy, J.D., ed. The Vintage Book of Contemporary American Poetry, Second Edition . New York: Vintage, 2003. ISBN: 1-4000-3093-5. Wolff, Tobias, ed.
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ENGL_71_Creative_Writing_Spring_2008 - English 71...

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