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CmpE 102 – HW#4 (Spring 2010) – due Monday, 3/15 Chapter 5 Problems 1. Using the String Reverse program (text p. 133) as a starting point, modify the program so the user can input a string containing between 1 and 50 characters. 2. Using the String Reverse program as a starting point, modify the program so it inputs a list of 32-bit integers from the user, and then displays the integers in reverse order. 3. Write a program that does the following: Assigns integer values to EAX, EBX, ECX, EDX, ESI, and EDI Uses PUSHAD to push the general-purpose registers on the stack Using a loop, your program should pop each integer from the stack and display it on the screen 4. Write a program that uses 4 of the procedures in the book’s Link Library.
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Unformatted text preview: The program must be original and do something, and it cant be a copy of one listed in the book. 5. Stack Problem : Show the STACK contents after the following code is executed: SS = 0 ESP = 00000600h .code push eax ; eax = 00000A00h push ebx ; ebx = 00200333h push ecx ; ecx = 10002000h call numbers ; 5 byte instruction located at address 80004321h 6. Write a procedure (TwoArraySum PROC) to calculate the sum of two BYTE arrays, named aArray of 6 elements and bArray of 5 elements. Put the sum in the WORD variable fSum. Use any integer values in the arrays. 7. Write a program that prompts the user for string not to exceed 40 characters, stores them in the data segment, and displays the string on the screen....
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