Zipcar Case Study - To: Chase From: Dr. Trance Subject:...

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To: Chase From: Dr. Trance Subject: Zipcar Date: 2/28/2009 CC: Professor Bennet Dear Chase, I have recently evaluated and analyzed Zipcar and want to personally congratualate you on all your hard work. It seems you have proven that Zipcar can work and that there is a demand for the service out there. There are a few concerns I have going forward. First of all, the software needs to be completed ASAP. The software will make or break the company here. You could run into legal matters and possible theft down the road if you do not take care of it now. Opening the business without the software was an understandable move on your part but it is not advised to further proceed without the security that the software will bring the company and investors. Another concern is the parking situation. Currently the parking costs are higher than expected and that will prove to be a problem down the road. A large amount of cash is being tied up because of this problem. Further research should be completed to figure out possible contacts to work with or alternatives to the current way. Dear Mr. Jim Maynard, I have reviewed and evaluated Xedia Corporation and its current financial condition, and I support your proposed deal for a $1,500,000 bridge loan that would transition into a
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Zipcar Case Study - To: Chase From: Dr. Trance Subject:...

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