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final jeopardy questions

final jeopardy questions - Q5 What are two forms of...

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Bus 173A Vuorikoski-Bullis Jeopardy Questions Q1.) What is the Discounted Cash Flow approach used to estimate the required rate of return for externally raised common equity when flotation costs increase the cost of equity? Q2.) What are the two most important factors which are beyond the firm’s direct control? Q3.) How do you estimate the required rate of return on a stock using CAPM? Q4.) What are five potentially ‘good” ways to use free cash flow?
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Unformatted text preview: Q5.) What are two forms of distributing cash? Q6.) What is the term used for stock which has been repurchased by the issuing firm? Q7.) What is perpetuity and how do you calculate its present value? Q8.) What does the interest rate parity imply and how is it expressed? Q9.) What are the two goals of inventor management? Q10.) What is the definition of Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and how do you calculate it?...
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